Hello! I decided to tell my story, that happened to me in high school 10 years ago. I went to school, which was regarded as an elite, in the 10th grade, he studied well, played sports, enjoyed the attention of girls, in general, it was a normal kid. From the first class I had a bosom friend Vova with whom we cranked lot of different things, but it is remembered forever.
Earlier this year, we changed class, instead of the old grymza came young girl fresh from the institute. When she led lessons, meetings, etc. I could not hear his thoughts were only about one thing: to look into the neckline, skirt, and fuck ideal. It was not super pretty (in the classroom and in the school were abruptly), but her body was in harmony: slim legs, cool ass, not small breasts, etc., besides halo adult unattainable for us women. We Vovka wear out their girlfriends, but it was not that. In the evenings, I even began to masturbate to cool. How many times have we talked about how we'd raped her, making plans, but it never came down to it.
It happened absolutely suddenly, without any preparation.
The spring of our experiences were supported by the release of hormones, girls are increasingly laid bare, not the exception, and cool. She began to come in translucent blouses and dresses, short dresses and light, etc. exciting our imagination clothes. So it was on that day, the street was unprecedented for the May heat, the teacher came in a short summer dress with a cutout through which, when she bent over, we have seen great tits, covered in a bra, feet snug bright stockings, plus high-heeled shoes. In her class, I could not even think about anything horseradish stood stake so that I was afraid that no one will see whether. Just stepping lesson I calmed down a bit, Vova was in the same condition. After school, we had to come to the extra classes for which we, for obvious reasons, walked very carefully. On this day, we were the only Vovka who came to school, cool checked what that work has given us a job, and continued his work. Vova was standing behind her at the board and pretended that there are conjugated, and I sat in the front row right before the teacher's desk and looked furtively Lenka, as we called it in the classroom. At this moment it happened.
Through the open window burst and the wind blew away from her desk to me a sheet with the work of trying to catch him, it jumped up and pulled me with virtually lay chest on the table, revealing to me all its charms. No worse view of the right-rear and was, in fact a short hem of her dress rode up exposing her shapely legs and firm thighs. Everything happened very quickly, we do not even conspiring, as in a dream, I grabbed Lenka for outstretched hands to me and Vova suddenly stepped forward and lifted the hem of her until the end. She still did not understand, but he has already pulled off her tights with shorts, exposing the elastic ass. Lenka jerked and screamed at us that we would have stopped, but Vovk already pulled out his rather big machine and spit on his palm greased pussy, and then stuck in hell Lenka. He began to peck Lenka behind, she calmed down and tugged. "Everything flowed" - said Vova, kind of fucks the teacher I opened a harder, I let go of her hand, she had not even flinched, took a hell and pressed to her lips, but Lena pursed her lips and shook her head after spending his lips on my "pal". That was enough, I finished right on her face, semen dripping down her lips, nose, chin, but I got up again. At this point, finished Vovk, growled, grabbed her hips and forcefully threw to the end.
After I fell in behind him. So we ohazhivat changing it for half an hour and only then noticed that the door of the office remained open, but we did not even notice. Banged Lenka we let her go, kind of half-naked lying on the teacher's desk, with sperm flowing on the feet, the realization that not only fucked a woman, but also the teacher is a thrill.
For three days she did not come to school, and we sat down on the "point" suddenly go to the police, but nothing happened. Since then, we potrahivat her several times, but each time with mutual consent.

Tatyana entered the apartment first, picking up a magnificent crinoline skirt and pressed to squeeze out the door. In fact, she thought that Nikita would make it into the hands of their family nest, as was customary in movies and books. But Nikita brought himself to the hands of the witness and promptly carried on the marriage bed, as "burden" It was insane.
Tanya sat in the kitchen and sighed. "Well, that took my wedding"-Think it. She took off her shoes and looked at the tired fingers nog.-How much preparation was much trouble! .... I wanted the fairy tale has come true, and lasted forever, and that "they lived happily ever after and died in one day".
She was already 28, and Nikita, they lived for three years, and she insisted on a wedding, a white dress, a veil, romantic and like everything turned out ... but this bitch has managed to get drunk! and now he snores, and tenderness should whisper in your ear before the ritual of the wedding night.
In the kitchen came Cyril witness, in the hands of his now was armful of flowers due to which it was virtually invisible."where to put? -progovoril it.
-oy..eto carry it directly into the bath, there is a bucket, or is simply put, then I'll walk myself.
Cyril returned a few seconds later.
-Well I went?
-thank you for everything you have helped us very much -Tanya smiled, rescued in everything and stayed to the bitter end ... unlike nekotoryh-"He sighed.
-Yes ... Nikita today re-glad now sleeps like a log.
He will not wake up in the morning, I know him when drunk he did not Obtain just waving his hands, he does not think anything, if at all, his eyes open. Usually you can shout themselves hoarse, kicking his feet almost, he will not wake up ... * shrugged her shoulders * why are you standing there? Sit down, let's popem tea ... I do not want my wedding ended at this moment.
Cyril sat at the table in front of Tanya. Kettle boiled over and cups were filled with hot tea. Bride tired and with some sadness began chipping veil, the witness looked at it ..
-Wait, do not shoot, leave .... Stay still a princess, you are very beautiful today was, nobody expected to see you takoy..takoy ..- * Cyril embarrassed and did not know how to further proceed with the phrase.
-Thank you of course, but it sounds like a bud in ordinary life, I tried to laugh -Tanya terrible.
She knew that he was sincere, and I knew that he had long been indifferent to her, even had something cruel to take him as a witness. And probably unaware of his sympathy for the neutron so boldly offered to stay, because it flatters every girl, and even when she marries, she still wants to flirt with the fans and the suitors. True Cyril never confessed his feelings, but they shone through it and catch the eye.
They began to remember a holiday, laugh, talk, then remembered the three champagne box that remained intact and were standing in the hallway.
Tea soon became superfluous and foamy drink took his place.
Kirill for some reason, shake the bottle and shot-stopper, champagne fountain filled with sweet bride. Tatiana jumped up, clapped her hands, wet spots grew at a snow-white skirt and a sweet drink soaked in a corset through tabbed beads and bugles.
-Damn ... now we have to shoot, help, she turned her back to loosen tight lacing tightness in the back.
Cyril came over and began carefully pulling the white ribbon, freeing from the shackles of close and giving the body to breathe free ... in a moment corset thrown open on the two flaps and bared female back.
When the string was pulled from the last eyelet, Tanya put her hands to her chest corset. At that moment they both froze, a situation smelled intim ... Cyril could not resist and ran his hand over bare back ... she shuddered. Prompted by unknown forces, he kissed her on the shoulder and stood so close that his breath hot on her neck.
-Cyril ... do not she whispered, and her breathing was speeded -So why.
-Why? I whispered in her ear and began slowly kissing her skin from the shoulder to the neck.
-Let's have a drink"-nelepaya conversation change was ambiguous.
-You have not removed the dress.
His hands began to get under the corset and pull it down ... she did not resist. Dress with a rustle of fall to the floor, her legs wrapping her soft white cloud. Tanya closed her bare breasts with her hands and gently out of the wedding dress. Cyril spellbound looking at her slim body, white panties and white stockings with delicate gums and looked especially sexy lace garter on the thigh.
-Now you're the most beautiful bride in the world, he said admiring her body, her back, which covered the veil.
- Now how Nikita will come and you and me nicely put Fingal eye.
-He sleeps like a warrant officer, you said yourself that it does not wake up ... and then we will close from him.
Then Cyril had an idea, and it is with a smile and a sly twinkle in his eyes, took her by the hand:
- Follow me, I know how to continue the wedding night, or rather is already night.
He led her into the bath. Following brought all three crates of champagne and turned the lock on the door.
She sat on the edge of the tub and embraced naked breasts with her hands. Certainly in her head flew various thoughts of fear and risk to the excitement and sense of adventure, and maybe romance. Cyril was always sympathetic to her, attracted to him and wanted to be near him.
-Listen, it's all great, but we run the risk of mad! There's a sleeping room, Nikita, and the way he is my husband and our wedding night, I thought the witness duties have been completed.
-Let me give you a story, he whispered looking treacherous eyes-nothing "this" will not, you can always say no. And I will not covet, just play. Smile and trust me, and yet ... you are very beautiful, you are now my Goddess, I want to be your faithful servant and slave.
Tanya rarely hear compliments, but even less so she listened to the melodious voice of velvet and it is all like it. She had beautiful breasts third dimension, she was proud of it and to be honest, really wanted to show Cyril, that he was under the impression for a lifetime.
The witness grabbed an armful of flowers, that they were thrown directly into the bath and carelessly tossed on the floor. Huge bouquets in foil and paper, with all sorts of bows and ribbons occupied almost all the space on the floor. Tatiana was standing in the flowers and it seemed to her romantic.
-take off your stockings, I do bring the kitchen decorative candles that I had noticed.
Cyril left, and Tanya finally let go, quickly twisted white chulochki..poka he was not hurt she shook her nipples, pinching and even began to delay so that they become solid and beautiful, because she knew that at any moment he opens his treasure and pride.
Kirill again locked the door. The lights went out and lit candles. The room was formed twilight, orange tongues of candles reflected in the foil flowers ... and then he started to open a bottle of champagne after another.
-what are you doing? We do not drink so much!
-The bride must now wash your drink, I want you to take a champagne bath, pick up! -and He began to pour out in a bath of sparkling wine.
Tatiana smiled at this idea and stepped into the bath, which has already formed foamy puddle ... feet tickling bubbles. Corks were opened one after another, he had already poured from two, three bottles.
-Sit down.
She carefully sat down on his knees, still holding her breasts in his hands, sweet champagne already filled bathtub and touched her priests, bowed to the heels. Suddenly Kirill held the bottle to her neck and began to pour directly on the bride.
-oh ... holodno..schekotno! -one playfully laughed and at the same time it was great to feel like a sweet streams running across your shoulders, arms.
-Stop hiding from me the beauty and that's enough here to represent innocence, he took it and pried her hands, opening the chest.
Tanya held her breath. He watched in fascination. It's so exciting. And only now in my head I slipped thought: My God, what are we doing? that we create?
... The new bottle is opened and the flow of champagne is now focused on her bare breasts. Her feet in white, rustling foam panties already soaked and stuck to the body .... chest flowing streams and reserve only bubbles that burst instantly. The nipples tightened under this sweet rain, stood out so tempting ..... The room was filled with intoxicating smell of hops. Kirill opened a few bottles and began to drink from one another and from the watering Tanya. She opened her mouth and he began to pour on the face, the bride caught drink greedy lips, making a large throat. Within minutes they were both drunk and no longer restrained playful laughter.
Tatiana lay relaxed, legs stretched out, bath was already quite full. Cyril sat on the floor and resting his elbow on the edge of admiring her, continuing to drink from the bottle of champagne and stretching it to alternately sip.
Soon as the young children they began to splash. He took off his shirt. His skin on his chest now also been sticky and sweet, and Tanya unceremoniously squirted into his eyes and drove his hand on her shoulders, rubbing a drop of sparkling wine.
Now we do not remain open in all three bottles. He slowly began to gain the champagne in his hand, and pour it on his shoulders .... veil was already lying on the floor next to the stockings .... obviously tempting, the bride stretched leg and removed the garter. Cyril caught the garter teeth, growling like a dog. They were drunk.
Taking a bunch of roses he began boldly take your rose petals and showering her. They circled and fell like waves of boats on the champagne, sticking to her wet and sweet skin.
-a beautifully-Tanya purred and became fascinated looking at all this beauty in the shadows ... candles trembled bubbles (GAZ cars) still rustled and tickled the skin, Cyril pulled her head and kissed her on the lips ... they have completely forgotten that a few hours ago, there was a banquet, guests, everyone was shouting bitter, and her fiance was a completely different person, and she is now a married woman.
They were all the same, they have played and enjoyed, they would like this .... Tanya responded to the kiss.
At first timidly touched his lips, but soon cuddling, they eagerly kissed and teased each other's languages. Cyril laid hands on her breast and began to squeeze, crush, when the fingers touched the nipples, she shuddered and excitement seized instantly and entirely, and no one wanted to stop.
He lifted her and sat her on the opposite edge of the tub to face him, he took off wet panties and spread her legs. She is resting her hands, let him everything. He began to examine the parted lips of her crotch, clean-shaven ... Tanya loved it closely examines it ..
I opened another bottle and he began to pour it directly on the crotch, trying to get on the jet little clit, then bent down and pressed his lips to her pussy and began to drink champagne, touching his lips to her rosy lips and tongue touching the clitoris. Stone fell from the lips of the bride ... even wider legs apart, she robbed him of the bottle and began to pour on herself, holding his head by the hair and clutching his crotch, so he drank and licked at the same time.
When the bottle is poured out completely Cyril took her neck and began to drive between the folds .. lewd
-what are you doing? -koketlivo whispered bride-mmmm-stop ... and she spread her arms and opened her lips to him ... his hole green glass neck and rubbed a little bit pushing it entered into the vagina ...
-you're crazy-laughing Tanya said.
-it is you're driving me crazy, and with these words he put a wooden shelf to sit on the edge of the tub and transplanted it. Hands spread his legs and plunged into her pussy, squeezing thighs firmly.
Language first licked sweet lips, feeling the taste of champagne, and then slowly began to drive between the up and down ... his tongue slipped into the hole and began circling please log in even deeper, and then he was replaced by a finger ... Tanya improper moan.
Cyril made his way to the clitoris, and his tongue expertly circled around, he put his lips the mound and began to suck ..palets went into it all the way ... The bride how to crawl from the first jet of champagne, it was nice, pleasant and incredibly treacherous hole flowed ... in a moment it turned into the vagina with two fingers and already they rhythmically her potrahivat going all the way, the language is not fixed on the clitoris and fumbled it very quickly, causing an orgasm gradually began to approach, warning light itself chills the body.
Suddenly Cyril pulled away from her, put his feet up even higher, and holding the buttocks lashed out at the anus. Tanya even cried out in surprise, she felt uncomfortable, but when he began to carefully lick her there, covered with wild excitement head .... and shame and lust. The tip of the tongue slipped into a compressed hole, circled ... and again returned to the clitoris licked-and got back in the ass.
-Listen, you're so cool do-Tanya muttered, biting lips
-but how do you know how? -Kirill slyly looked at her and unzipped his fly-take in the mouth, baby.
Tanya sat down and leaned closer to his cock. "Wow what a great"-Think she studied and touched her fingers.
Member nalilsya blood and twitching slightly at the touch. Tatiana gently took the head in his mouth and felt his taste that instantly erased her saliva. The hand she clasped handsome, feeling swollen wreaths ... show through the language held by the head and tickled the tip of the bridle ... lips tight ringlet closed and began to suck.
Cyril slightly caved in substituting his friend caresses her and closed his eyes in pleasure.
Tanya tried. The hand she made her way to his testicles and gently stroked and crumple the scrotum, and the member was trying to get as deep as possible.
Her husband Nikita "boyfriend" It was much smaller, and she deftly took the whole thing, but then only until mid-swallow, felt the head rests on the neck, causing spasms.
Very he pulled a member of his mouth and caught her breath .... from the head to her lips hung a thin thread of saliva. She wanted to get back into his mouth, but Cyril caught her and put his feet in the bath, to his back. Strong hands roughly bent her buttocks and pushed the big handsome man instantly went into it, almost until the testes.
AAAAAAAAaaaaaaa ....- Tania screamed, her taut hole, wait, you can not! you do not nado..chto ... we can not !!!
But Cyril was fucking her, not paying attention to any word.
Tanya felt the first time, which means a large and strong member, he took up most of the uterus ... hands it became a rest against the wall, breasts rubbed against the cold tiles.
When he came she was deeply hurt, but it's a pleasant pain, it wanted to endure, but he did not stop. But Cyril was not very comfortable, it slipped out of her, and slapped on the ass Tanya, called behind him.
Witness pushed aside and flowers lay bare back on the cold floor.
-Let's sit down on top.
Tanya was still standing in the bathroom and looked in the sticking member.
-Listen, if Nikita wakes up, we tell him?
-Go, I say! He slept, he poher ... say that washed.
Tanya went out of champagne and rose up slowly over Cyril sat introducing a member. Again the head stuck in the uterus, but now she could rub her clit on his pubic area and get their women's happiness. He looked at her and his hands squeezed her breasts, sometimes painfully squeezing, pinching nipples.
-And I did not know you were such a slut. I never thought that I would fuck the bride in her wedding night ... Nikita horns grow from the first hours of marriage, he had enjoyed in his own words, as she continued to ride him.
Tanya wanted to be offended, but she could not break off, hurt cool he was a member of the first time she enjoys, feels like he stretches her vaginal wall.
-zamolchi..zamolchi, she said through pent groan.
-I wanted to fuck you even when you have come to propose to witness, I already wanted to push your bread.
Tanya stopped and slapped him lightly on the lips, vulgar.
Cyril thought long and deftly flipped it ... on his back, covered his body, and went again. Now he was moving rhythmically, quickly. She did not know what she was feeling, but it was like a little orgasm that followed one after the other.
Suddenly he heard a creaking door, steps ....
Ah !!! - Nikita woke up !!! - Tanya shivered involuntarily became repel Cyril, but he did not want to lose production, sharply pressed her, covered her mouth and began to fuck wildly like a rapist, slowly.
The steps are not heard, and became even louder ... the bride was going to the toilet ... I flicked the switch, slammed the lid toilet seat ...
Her heart pounding, adrenaline pricked veins.
-He woke up, tried to speak, but his hand firmly clamped over her mouth.
Cyril snarled some inner voice abruptly came out of it and began to masturbate right on the face. Hot sperm portions burned cheeks and fell right on the lips. Eruption finished, he held the head in her mouth, smearing cum even more.
She jumped up and began to wipe his hands lips while leaning against the door and listening. Cyril sat on the floor, watching her and was smiling.
You can hear how down the toilet. Switch clicked and steps. He slammed the door of the room, the creaking of the bed and again silence.
They turned on the light in the bathroom. Removed candles and champagne lowered as ordinary water from the bath, and only sweet drops on the tiles reminiscent of the bygone romance.
She was buttoning his shirt, listening anxiously, and he was trying at the time to kiss her lips.
They quickly said goodbye. Cyril disappeared behind the door. Tanya was still on tiptoe, and walked carefully on a flat, removing clothes, wiping her panties and a veil, placing flowers in the vase. Then he went to bed to Nikita, noting that he had not even undressed and snoring in a wedding dress with a buttonhole oppressed, if you can still call it was.
She lay for a long time and her mind was beginning to sober, strictly appreciating everything that happened tonight. She had already begun to torment the question how to live? How to forget it? And most importantly how to sleep with Nikita when his penis is almost not felt, while Cyril-just a miracle of nature.
At dawn on the wedding night with the legitimate spouse did take place.
During the first days of married life she became convinced that her husband does not remember anything, not seen and not heard, and only flowers quickly withered, as probably many wanted to tell but could not.
The worst thing started then. Cyril did not go out of Tanya's head. She often thought about it, dreamed and fantasized. I want to reiterate once again to spend the night, to feel his lips, tongue, cock. She always thought he should call. Two weeks later, she was sure that Cyril loved her and loves, and now does not ring as afraid to destroy her family. Sometimes she thought she loved him, and not her husband, and now as a Brazilian TV series character will suffer.
As time passed, they met with friends New Year's Eve at the cottage. There were a few couples and Cyril arrived ..... Kirill arrived with his girlfriend.
Tanya thought all these months, what to say, how to look into the eyes, how to do so, to hide and to get away from everyone for a greedy kiss. He sat across from her, but did not look hard and gently squeezed the handle of his girlfriend.
Under the chiming clock opened champagne. It seemed that Cyril, taking a sip of sparkling wine, as well as she remembers that night in the bath.
-Interestingly, the champagne is still a wedding or New Year's drink? 'asked Tanya at all, but waited for the reaction of Cyril.
He said nothing. Friends began to say that this is a taste of the holiday, etc.
" God, how many have the strength, so to hold, to tolerate and Something Wicked, The girl of his salvation, he does not take his eyes off her, constantly hugging and kissing, just to save me and my reputatsiyu-"You think and consoled herself with Tatiana.
When all dispersed to sleep, she waited a while and went to the kitchen, under the pretext of thirst, but she felt that Cyril also now be released and they will have a chance to talk and hug each other.
Tanya walked past the room, the door of which was ajar, he looked ..... On the bed lay Kirill, outstretched legs, and on the penis top rode his beloved.
-Do you love me? -sheptala girl through a groan
Cyril cupped her hands and strongly pressed to her:
-I adore you, my girl, he said, and began to kiss on the lips.
and then she realized, and silently returned to her husband, trying to survive.
Wedding anniversary celebrated Tanya and Nikita together. She again wore her wedding dress, a romantic dinner, drank champagne and decided to re-arrange "first" wedding night, off in full ... Tanya saved their marriage, looking at Nikita and asked mentally he proscheniya..otnosheniya between them were not of the best and many friends were aware that their family fortune is on the line ..
The phone rang:
-Hi Tanya, is Cyril. I wanted to tell you that champagne is the drink of the wedding, and I drink it now and as always only think of you ....

We arrived one day with friends to the river to escape the hustle gorodskogo.My- is Vitka, Sashka, Arthur and I Anton.Zaehali the hill, standing, choose a place poluchshe.I suddenly see: meters 200's right on the shore stands a tent near her blanket spread, and on it two very intense talk, so skazat.Nu, the guy we are not particularly interested, but she byla- puper.Dlinnye super-blonde hair, treshka breasts, shapely legs and to the extent set zagorelye.Parenek it crustaceans and vigorously yanked forward-nazad.Vprochem, it was already the end of their fucking guy fell off soon and lay down on his back, and the girl went kupatsya.Potom she came out, they have something briefly discussed, and he jumped up on a motorcycle, went on direction until the city.
-Shit, guys, what a heifer, that would be a popolzovatsja - said Vitka.My looked at each other and, without saying a word, began to descend to the reke.Kogda we have come to their camp, the girl sunbathing on spine.Lifchika on it was not, and the two marvelous melons her boobs attracted our views and ruki.Ey was 19-20 years old, the skin evenly tanned and his face slightly so dutifully, guilty expression, which is so exciting muzhchin.Uslyshav rustling shingle, she sat up and stared at us.
-Guys, you need to do - she asked, slightly trembling voice, her hands covering her breasts with large nipples bright.
-We then enjoyed a wonderful spectacle - said Sasha-and, of course, very vozbudilis.K the same unfair that such a beautiful girl could use only one paren.Tak come on, baby, please us, and we promise not to disappoint you - he finished the laughter of the whole company.
-Are you - screamed, trying to get up, the girl - now come, Igor, do not you dare.
Victor and Sasha grabbed it with both sides of his hands, and I grabbed the front juicy grud.Artur came from behind and firmly took her by the hair, winding them on hand.
-Quiet, beautiful, - I said - highly elastic squeezing maiden grud.Ty our vlasti.Nikto you pomozhet.Tak not that be a good devochkoy.Rasslabsya and, so to speak, try to get udovolstvie.U you for this will now be a lot of opportunities.
She was still trying to break out sluggish, he whimpered, whined, but we are only zavodilo.Ya squeezed and squeezed her breasts, twisting her nipples and then pinched their fingers and ruffled breast left-right and up- and-vniz.Vitka Sasha held her with one hand, and other pinched and squeezed his stomach, fingers and climbed into vlagalische.Artur right hand gripped the hair and left launched into her mouth, rubbing her plump lips and yazychok.Nakonets we had enough of these games and put our sacrifice to his knees.
-Festival oral sex is declared open - foolish voice said Arthur, and pulled the girl to her scheki.Rotik immediately opened, and I stuck to my long been tense chlen.Devushka panic grunted, twitched, but chances are it is certainly not bylo.Ya first stretch your lips and her cheeks, and then just became rude fucking mouth, poking into all member storony.Eto was so nice that I felt that I would soon be over and lost his place druzyam.Posle me in her mouth were noted Vic with Sasha and when it was the turn of Arthur, the lips of the girl were bright red and swollen, and the neck, chest and abdomen covered with slyunyami.Rot it has not closed, and Arthur calmly sank to his huge instrument.Chlen he really was a giant, the subject legitimate pride and envy of all your friends.
-Keep her head tighter - he told me - you know, I love deeply.
I tightly wrapped light strands at hand, and Arthur slipped his giant throat devushke.Ona wheezed and tried to jerk back while kicking his legs.
-Yes, keep the bitch, - shouted Arthur, - I have for you is normal derzhal.My three of the most recorded her body and golovu.Artur slowly drives the his penis in the girl's throat, held there for a while, and then also slowly take out just enough so that she could take a sip of air.
She choked, wheezed and kashlyala.Slezy eyes ran down her cheeks, nose zahlyupalo, and Arthur as a member of some kind of mechanical plunger evenly disappeared in her throat, and then went out.
-Okay, enough, - said Sasha - so you'll be an hour drive. Then there are others who wish, and she has a lot of holes.
-Okay, just one more fun, - said Arthur, and at the time of the deepest penetration of the nose pinched fingers devushki.Ta issued some strange sound, her eyes climbed on his forehead and cheeks inflated in an attempt to sip a little bit vozduha.Artur pulled out a member, apparently so that our victim could have an extreme effort to get a little girl's chest and vozduha.Zhivot trembled incredibly straining, she sucked and ejected from the air with a terrible hripami.Menya again attracted her grudi.Ya began to twist her nipples, trying to make as many turns, but after the third breast invariably vyryvalas.Nakonets Arthur pulled out a member, we let her go, and she fell, frantically gulping air at zemlyu.Da now it was not the kind of beauty-raznezhevshayasya blondinka.Volosy confused, mouth swollen and red, full of saliva, steel nipples twice.
-Let's refresh it in some water, and then look at what it is like - suggested Vitka.My took the girl's arms and legs and carried in reku.Ona svisala.Voda limp was quite cold, so when we got to the shore, then trembled cold, and our sacrifice more than anyone.
-Nothing now Warming - Sasha said, just let us organize it all, that all was well.
-It does not, - said Artur.Nas four, and the holes in her only tri.V finally decided as follows: Arthur lay on his back, and we have to put the girl on his chlen.Kogda member began to enter into it, it is first gently, and then louder and louder began to moan.
-Well, kayfuesh - Sasha asked her
-Oh, no, no - she whined, -one so big, he does not climb, he will tear me!
-Whether Spock, not yet to climb, - he grinned Artur.Ona did not understand then, and we neighing, realizing that he has in mind.
Finally, we fully planted it at Arthur member.
-Let's work, female, up and down, are you sitting on a chair, on Arthur -prikriknul girl, and she's with sighs and groans, sometimes trembling, beginning dvigatsya.Sashka Vitka stood in front of her face and zastalyali suck their members in turn. and I went to look for the cream zagara.Dolzhen be tanned girl in a cream? the cream really lay nepodaleku.Ya took it and came back to our group.
-Come on, Arthur, heaps it on yourself, 'he said ya.Artur grabbed the girl by the shoulders and pulled her to sebe.Ee buttocks turned, and seemed to chocolate hole anusa.Sashka Vitka dissatisfied grumbled: it became uncomfortable to fall into her mouth.
-Okay, wait, - I told them - I'm all choked starayus.Ya little cream on your fingers and began a circular motion to massage the girl anus, trying to shove grease vnutr.Etogo I could not manage sdelat.Arturov member so tightly bursting her vagina, that the anus seemed sealed, even one finger not incurred tuda.Tut already our friend realized that we want to do it again and begged for mercy.
-No, not there, not only in the ass, please -hnykala it - I never did, it is very painful!
-Well, once you still need to start - Sasha said - and now for you just the right sluchay.My zasmeyalis.Tut Vic decided to help maximize mne.On unfolded buttocks girls, and I finally managed to push a finger into her popku.Tam it was simply delicious: a narrow, soft and uprugo.Ya began to stretch that little hole, trying to insert a second finger, but it was the second neprosto.Kogda vse-taki my finger slipped into her ass, she kak-to particularly deep sob and a wave of shivers passed on its telu.Porabotav there with two fingers, I realized that the longer I can not hold back and squeezing on the penis a little cream, he began to drive it in the ass.
-No, no, no - she repeated it all the time - I can not, I can not, I can not!
-Can you ... can you, 'I said - and put pressure, driven to upora.Ona issued a groan, rolling in a howl, and arched her back, trying to get off with my chlena.Ya pressed her up and hugging her from behind her breasts, squeezed ih.Potom I began to move slowly, making long as possible movement, but without removing a member, as I did not want for a moment to part with this wonderful popkoy.Ya felt both through thin barriers according from my penis in her moving member Artura.Devushka continually moaning and shaking shiver, she had not told her, "no, no", but simply "Oo-oo" and "Aa-aa-oo" .It was zamechatelno.Nikogda do not feel their power over women as the double penetration when she planted a butterfly on two spears, and her perception of the world is reduced to two pistons of the thick male flesh, which hosted her vnutri.Cherez a while, I felt that my penis girth is not as strong as before: ass girl successfully rastyanulas.Tak always anal sekse.Togda I became completely remove a member, each time re-inserting it through the ring anus.
If I do it fast enough, the ring was closed with a loud sound "chpok" and at the entrance to hear "Smack" .Devushka each time jerking at it, which adds sharpness oschuscheniyam.Tut Vitka and Sashka unanimously protested against the fact that it gets a little, while Arthur and all the best pozabirali dyrki.Prishlos change places with them.
-Give her a mouthful nakonchal - suggested Arthur.
-It's like - I did not understand.
-But, look, - he said-and, with his left hand grasping the language of women, pulled him from his rta.Levoy hand, he pulled her tongue, and the right to masturbate his penis, guiding it into her open rot.Ya understood this .Vsegda Arthur invent something! she moaned like a real cow, and then Arthur began to pour it on yazyk.Strui semen running down her tongue directly into the mouth gorlo.Zakryt she could not, and swallow with his tongue hanging was neprosto.Nakonets Arthur finished. His cum filled mouth girl almost to the brim.
In order not to drown, she was forced to breathe through the mouth, as it were, paddling sperm throat.
-Come quickly, 'said Arthur, - I have her tongue long uderzhu.Ya was already on its way and began to fill it in sperm Lake rtu.Kogda I finished, semen has flowed through the edges rta.Tut Arthur let go of the girl and the language immediately clamped tightly rot.Ona she moaned again, jerking wildly and rolling his eyes, but it all ended the way he wanted: she swallowed all spermu.Artur immediately released ee.Bylo shows that this feast had not to her liking she frantically opened his mouth like a fish on the shore, and apparently wanted blevat.Vitka with Sasha, meanwhile, broke their anal-vaginal symphony and began to finish her litso.Eta picture permanently imprinted in my memory: the eyes of our beautiful plastered with sperm, the sperm flows on her chest, and she still wants to, but can not puke.

At one time, an argument between a pi ... and jo-pa, and such uproar that the saints go! Pi ... so say the ass:
- You would merzavka, it is better to be silent! You know, that to me a good guest walks every night, and at that time you just let bzdish Copts.
- Oh, you vile magnus ... south! - Says her ass. - When you e ... ut at me drool flowing - I'm not talking!
All this has long been yet not known at the time the knives, x ... it chopped beef.

In a certain kingdom there lived a gentleman, he had a daughter - a beauty. She went once to walk, and the waiter is behind her, but thinks:
- What a clever thing! Nothing used, I think, did not want to light only used it to work at least one once, and then used to die was not terrible!
I thought and thought, could not restrain himself and said quietly:
- Ah, the beautiful young lady, would you at least shuffled like a dog!
The lady heard these words, and both went home, waited for the night and called to his valet.
- Confess, scoundrel - he says - that you were talking, I went for a walk?
- Excuse me, ma'am! So-and-so said it.
- Well, if wanted, and do now for a dog, I do not tell papa everything ...
That lady skirt bloat, cancer was the middle of the parlor, and the waiter says:
- Stoop so sniff, like dogs do. Kholui bent down and sniffed.
- Well, tepericha tongue lick, lick a dog. Lackey licked once, twice, three times.
- Well, now I have to run around!
He began to circle ladies run, ran a dozen times have, but again had to sniff and lick her tongue. What to do? Wincing yes sniffs, licks spits yes.
- Well, tepericha for the first time will be, - said the girl - Go, lie down myself to sleep, and tomorrow come back in the evening.
The next evening the young lady again called to his valet.
- What are you, bastard, is not he coming? Not every day to send for you? Sam know your business!
Who it was the turn-up hem and cancer, and the waiter became under her and sniff zhopoyu language in pi ... de lick. Obezhit circle it ten times have again yes yes polizhet sniff. Commercials for a long time it was entertaining a young lady, but then pity, lay down on the bed, turn-up hem, front, gave him once and just sings all the blame. Lackey worked and I think:
- Well, nothing, even if licked, so its taken.

Gray, who looked completely priglyadnoe one-story building on the outskirts of the city, if you do not know what is happening within its walls, so you can decide what is an abandoned warehouse or something like that. The place itself is not crowded, and well, less eye more rest.
The picture appears to our eyes did not correspond to the external appearance. Over gray dilapidated door greeted us warmly two comfortable chairs in the shape of a horseshoe and spacious sofa. On the coffee table was a pile of carelessly scattered all sorts of magazines. Time of the day coming to an end and because we rushed into the depths of space. A spacious hall was empty, and long corridors diverges in two directions dormant in his twilight of mystery, yet we do not unravel.
A low, heavy voice brought me back to the ground in an instant, from the mystery was gone, I turned to the side to talk to us women. In appearance she was about forty, short, with a shock to comb hair, who repainted almost every week, we have stood sentry nurse: "You, on what issue?" Without giving us time to recover it, pointing toward a lighted corridor led us along. When he reached the middle, her gesture gave us to understand that we have been waiting here. Quiet as a mouse woman - conductor slipped out the door. After ten minutes of waiting, we were invited to take turns to go to the doctor. Doctor's office was more like a file, rather than a place, which was used in any patient. A set of shelves with lots of books piled on them, surrounded the man, who was sitting on a high chair for a small, cluttered with stacks of papers on his desk.
Almost bald, with glasses, behind which hide small black eyes, the doctor tried to stretch his mouth in the most charming, which he could muster a smile. It was small - puny, not young, fifty years at least - Korean. If not for the reviews from other patients - experience "ace", he did not create.
- What you dear to us complain, there is a problem, or idle curiosity? - Strange giggling, instead of the usual greeting sounded in that moment, when I settled down on a hard chair near his desk.
- You - a plastic surgeon to do the operation, both on the ears, and in the genital area, or am I mistaken?
- Well, I do not see any problems with the ears, and everything else, but after a preliminary examination. In the meantime, tell us in a nutshell, what's wrong !?
- I do not even know where to start, to be honest, not clever to talk about it, I'm shy ...
- Let me help you. Problems with her husband there? Maybe you are not quite satisfied with your sex life, there is no desire?
- To be honest, my husband and I last almost three years in general purely nominal, only one housing, and now even in the official divorce - case in court ...
- You mean sex - is rare, but children have children?
- Yes - two, six and two years.
- Age does not matter, childbirth proceeded normally?
- Yes, without consequences for me and the kids.
- Maybe you decide to restore your virginity?
- No, God forbid. I find it easier to explain what I want, when you look around me.
- It's a little later, a couple of questions. You do anal sex?
This question, I by no means expected, he almost did not put me in a dead end, but just recovering from lung bewilderment, I gathered my thoughts, and the dialogue continued:
- I tried, but something did not go, were a couple of attempts, frankly failed, in this experiment, I graduated.
- And that's nothing! Having sex in a way like many women, and many of them are able to have an orgasm at the same time, and say not comparable in strength and feel with a classic, if I may say so. Therefore, I advise you to think about this, and it is better to think seriously, and if possible to start practicing.
- To begin, I should want to do this with a particular man.
- What is your attitude towards women as sex objects? Have you ever tried to do it with a woman?
At this point in my brain upside down by the sudden turn of conversation threads flashed the thought that maybe it was not a surgeon? Why did he have it all, I'm not a sex therapist came. All this is weird, but now I wonder at what he still climb the jungle.
- Yes it is and in my life, but now there is no one here.
- Well, that is, there is nothing good that you alone, but there is a way to start moving in the right direction and without assistance.
- What can you advise me?
- And everything is very simple: You can start with the fact that you will be in an excited state to introduce yourself in the ass one finger or a thin object, to start 1-2 centimeters, then deeper, and as addictive and pleasurable sensations increase'll additionally another finger to enter, and before you know the case and to two - three will reach, and perhaps even more, and you can use thicker items, it's like you will most enjoyable.
- Yes, it all excites the mind, but I'm quite another problem has come to you. Already an hour with me You lead a conversation on the subject that interests me a little.
- Excellent, from words to deeds! Let's go to the examination room, where you tell me everything.
Under the cabinet door I was sitting in a deep armchair, my friend, she is so fascinated by glossy magazines that did not even notice how we have proceeded in the very depths of the corridor and disappeared behind a heavy door.
Large bright room, whose walls were completely tiled, more like an operating room. There was a lot of cupboards, cabinets, steam viewing gynecological chairs, and two huge, so different in form, apparently, really operating.
- Undress, located on one of the chairs, it does not matter to anyone, I instantly, you can tell is the essence of the problem.
The doctor carefully wash their hands, with serious views he listened to me and namyvali hands more, and again. Meanwhile, I incidentally recounting his, stripped to the waist and tried to stay with the maximum comfort on one of the chairs in front of me for osmotra.Vskryv packaging gloves, thus demonstrating their sterility, the doctor pulled out of boxing a cotton swab moistened in his furatsilina solution treated my crotch, while continuing to carefully listen to me, proceeded to inspect. At the end of my story he asked me, not dressed to move on one of the tables. Catch a view of throwing in his groin area (probably instinctively), I was convinced that he was not nearly as excited. It calmed me down.
- Well I can tell you, the problem really is, but it is completely solvable. The operation is not complicated, but very responsible. We are being asked to do something, it is necessary, I need to understand the extent to which I will have a complicated operation.
- I do not quite understand what you are waiting for me ...?
- Well, I will not wag, frankly, - I have to see for your arousal and orgasm.
- Ha! And as you are going to see? I do not want you say that ... ...
Without giving finish he waved his hands and shook his head:
- No, no, I will not accept this direct involvement, how sex partner, just as a doctor! I'll watch from the sidelines for a while. But you have to do everything itself, with their own hands.!
- But I just do not want me, I do not know how to explain it to you ... - I was at a loss, the mere thought: what I got involved, - the legs just taken away.
- Well, if you're, oh, by the way, it is possible to YOU?
- No, do not!
- Well, if you will allow me, I will help start.
- How are you going to do it?
- It's very simple, in the first place, I am not in any way do not take off the gloves, about any intimacy with penetration and can be no question, I have even not lay a finger. You have to be extremely wonderful clitoris, but with him - and then to start, a win-win option. I'm at ... the subject will help to influence him, in a word - to initiate. You will see that the result will not take long, and at the right time I'll Bring your hand, and then it's up to you, you will not resist the temptation ... you'll do anything that you will enjoy the most.
- Well, let's try it, but if I decide to stop all this, it's going to happen regardless of the stage, which will be an experiment that is - immediately !!!
Interest, fear, embarrassment, and at the same time sneaking up excitement and intrigue, once settled in my mind and body at the same time. Seated comfortably, legs spread, I closed my eyes and gave herself to the sensations.
The first 15-20 seconds I could not even relax elementary, shiver beating my body, but it is warm and pleasant feelings that began to flood my legs, slight pleasant tingling, crawling slowly as the insidious snake in the stomach and higher, spreading around body, overcame fear and shame. Barely noticeable, but bring many exciting moments of touching my already swollen clit excited my mind, and the desire for more was beginning to engulf him like a tsunami covering his power island. No fantasy, no thoughts, only feelings, and I listen to them ...
- You let down?!?! ............ Raspy voice broke all the harmony of beauty is lustful doctor waited as I belatedly realized the climax ... misleading and momentary stupor I introduced this word, it is generally used in a different sense than he is! No, of course, I'm not finished, and now have to work more, but still not as bad as it could be. Muttered something unintelligible doctor realized his mistake and continued to get comfortable with the lust to look at how I caress myself ...
Fingers gently slid into the wet crack, back on solid mound and themselves continued. Pleasant heat wave again over the body, eyes closed, mouth languidly parted, as if ready to take a hot body, mind there are different fantasies and as comes up to me a man in full "combat" readiness to offer to taste it, and the other caressing me at this point the language ...... ..my hand continued to caress the clitoris, but at twice the speed, and the free hand wandered under her shirt and fiddled nipple ...... ..here, behold, even now I want to ......, I want that to the elderly doctor with a sore head saw the woman ends ...... .nogi themselves bent at the knees, back bent like a wild cat ... ..vsё inside sank, there he is the fireworks of emotions, so she experiences a rainbow, fun blast it all moaning and purring spread through the room, my body like a snake writhing on the table, legs trying to squeeze his hand as much as possible, I wanted to bite his lips with pleasure, and laugh at the same time ... It lasted a half a minute, and then I was like thrown off a cliff, I crouched on the table without a single sign of life, but this state is passed quickly, because I'm not at home, in his bed, not on the bride, and was ashamed, had to quickly pull myself together, get together and sit down, as if nothing had happened. The doctor handed me a towel, reading such bliss on his face, as if he had just experienced an orgasm. Silently, bringing myself up, I looked questioningly at "expert" eyes.
- YES !!!! - with skill, he propped his chin with his fist:
- Here the problem is visible to unaided eye, surgery is really necessary ... but you're so, so ...... just lovely ... .- dreamily stretched aged doctor ...
- If I make up my mind to contact you, we solve the problem ...
With these words, I hurried to leave the operating room, proshmygnuv in the same corridor where my girlfriend was waiting I had time to make a decision that this was the first and last visit to this ......, but oh well.
- The girl, too, if you are to me, please, come in - and he carried away with it not had time to understand what's what my friend of.
After five minutes we were in a hurry to leave, and a friend dragged me by the arm as fast as if we were late for the last train ......
- Look, he is a strange ....
- What is its strangeness? - Did he do it suggest this ??? YEAH!!!
But it was not so bad, it turned out that as soon as my friend tried to describe what her problem (and there likely is to just delete birthmarks on his shoulder ...), the beetle started a conversation about whether or not his patient's experience of anal sex? ! This is not just annoyed her but infuriated, well, so we decided to this doctor, we more or foot ...... And it got to be such a fool ... but I would not say that there are not satisfied ...

We gathered Oleg no particular reason, just for something to do. He lives in a private house in a prestigious area. As usual, the parents left for the weekend and we could hang out on the full. We gathered six men, only young men and women were not equally. 4 guys and 2 girls. At the beginning of the party, I did not attach much importance, and did not even know how everything goes on.
The whole company has been familiar for a long time, we are the same age - all for 15 years, although often communicate and learn in different schools.
Party fun began, Oleg put some club music, from the martini bar was selected for girls and brandy for the guys, appetizer was weak, in that it quickly entered the body condition.
Later, the guys gathered around a billiard table and started playing in pairs, and dancing girls in the room.
Me and Anton was the name of my partner on the game, always had bad luck and we completely lost all parties. In the end, Anton psihonul and went to the girls, Igor, partner Oleg said that he, too tired, and followed the example of Anton. The room situation brightened considerably since the girls have long cast disapproving glances in our direction, they wanted fun and play with us, they did not want.
Oleg went for more cognac, we had a drink and he offered to play a game more, I agreed.
At this time dancing in the room began to look more like a kiss on the competition, as the rhythm of the music, dancers do not fall. Anton and Alena were just standing near the table and kissed passionately, and Igor and Svetlana podtantsovyvat slowly, but his hands were already Igor Stetkinoy ass and it was not difficult to predict what will follow continued.
We Oleg looked at this scene with envy, but since the couple we nebylo, we continued the game. Suddenly, Oleg invited me to play at will. At first I did not agree, considering that the whole evening hopelessly lost, but it is certainly persuaded me saying that so I will have an incentive to do better. We drank a glass of still not having a snack and started the game. Within 15 minutes I had to admit the fact that I lost, but Oleg looked at me with a sly look.
By this time, Igor and Svetlana was not in the room, apparently they went to the second floor, and Anton and Alena were already lying on the couch at what Alena blouse was unbuttoned and Anton passionately kissing her neck and shoulders.
Oleg suggested not to disturb them, and said that will announce his desire in his room. So we went to him.
Entering the room, Oleg turned to me and asked:
- What a loser? Ready to fulfill my desire?
- it depends on what will be a desire - said Ya
- which I put forth such and Run !!! - Oleg confidently retorted.
- OK, go ahead, guessing - sadly I agreed.
-she obviously noticed that there was not a fair situation in our party - began Oleg - girls more than boys, and I single boring. In this, my desire -to you tonight was as my girl!
- ... - His words were so unexpected for me that I could not answer anything.
Oleg also taking advantage of my silence, I opened the closet and a commanding voice said to me:
- You have a maximum of 15 minutes !!! In the closet are things my sister, you're complexion is very similar! After 15 minutes, you have to be in the bottom! - Having said this, he went away.
In my drunken head I flashed the thought that especially here nothing serious, some fun and forget, but it will be fun. In this, I have decided to enter into the role of a girl completely and very responsible attitude to the choice of wardrobe.
At first I was completely undressed, looked in the mirror and saw a slender young man with neatly cropped blonde hair and blue eyes. Let's see what happens to me - I encouraged myself and began to study the wardrobe Oleg's sister.
For myself, I chose black stockings fishnet that reached mid-thigh, black G-string panties, the same color bust, in which I planted kakieto cloth to create the illusion of breasts. I looked back in the mirror, and from what I saw there with me was a wave of excitement and my dick literally jumped out of her panties. I was watching a sexy girl in lingerie with kakimto cunning look. I decided that if I really enjoyed myself in this way, then Oleg appreciate my dignity and I consider him a desire to be fulfilled. Add a picture of a black form-fitting short dress that barely concealed the rolls of my priests, I took courage and went to the room where the music roared.
When he saw me the whole company stopped Chesney in a stupor, as though seen a ghost.
The first responded to Oleg.
- Wow, what a cat bestowed to us, how beautiful is your name - he asked me.
Indeed, I reason about it before and I did not think, as a women's clothing relies female name.
- Anya - I said the first available woman's name.
- Welcome to Anya - said Oleg cute smile and motioned for me to come.
I walked into the room ... or rather went, drunk alcohol do the trick, so I decided that should see themselves as a girl.
Oleg invited everyone at the table, and gallantly offered me a chair next to him. I took advantage of his hospitality. All poured again, only this time I poured a martini instead of cognac, but I was not against such an alignment of. Oleg proposed a toast to familiarity, and all drank. I felt the stares as the boys and girls, but no one made fun of my appearance, probably Oleg had time to warn them. We had another 2 or 3 toast, after which Oleg said that it would be great to dance with a pretty girl like me and put slow music.
I accepted an invitation to her partner, her arms around his neck, and he somehow very gently put his hands on my hips, and then I felt the excitement again.
- Anya, you're a miracle! - Oleg whispered in my ear, and casually kissed me on the neck.
It is not strange, I reacted to it calmly, I even liked it.
Oleg probably realized that I finally got used to the role, and pressed me to her, at the same time lowering your hands on my ass.
- Olezhka, and you do not toropishsya it? - I asked him, it was a rhetorical question, because I was pleased to feel his hands on my ass.
- Sweet Anya. You are so beautiful it's hard to resist ... - Oleg was visibly excited happening. - May I kiss you?
I smiled at him coyly and said nothing in response, she glared at his lips. Our kiss was long and passionate, we were like lovers who kiss is not the first time.
- Honey, you're so sweet ... I want to kiss you ... kiss ... kiss. Before endlessly - I whispered to her boyfriend's ear.
At this time, I noticed that in addition to us, no one is dancing, but rather all silently sitting on the couch and watching with interest for us.
It turned me on even more, and again I dug a passionate kiss on the lips of her boyfriend. I lowered my hands on his ass and gently squeezed them, as he had already launched his hand under my panties and squeezed my buns.
- Honey, I want more - Oleg said.
I confess honestly, his sweet words excited me so much that I was willing to do anything for them.
- Of course dear - I said, and slowly sank to her knees.
His fly was at the level of my eyes, and I saw how much was excited Oleg. I unzipped his sherinku and prispustila melting, unusual aroma hit me in the nose. Not having absolutely no experience in oral sex with a man, I had to quickly recall these scenes from porn. I grabbed his hand member, and licked his bridle. Salty flavor in the language seemed very tolerant, and kakomto sense, even pleasant, but in any case, had nowhere to retreat, and I kissed his head. On the body of my lover shiver. I repeated the kiss again, and then grabbed his head with his lips and began to suck it gently. Perhaps my slowness did not suit my male and he took his hands ... my head began to stick me on his penis, setting the rhythm. At last when I got used to the new role, I began to accelerate its own motion, and has briskly sucked Oleg in full. Second hand I crumpling his testicles and stroking elastic buttocks. Apparently excitement was strong enough and my Olezhka began to moan, thus preventing me about the imminent eruption. But I firmly decided for myself that this is the first time a blow job I'm doing in my life, I swallow all the sperm, but already there to be seen.
The long wait was not necessary, strong and warm stream burst out in my mouth, filling it with a viscous and salty sperm, for the first commitment was followed by 2 more but not such strong. I tried to swallow everything, but it is certainly a few drops hit me on the chin.
Olezhka carefully collected their finger and gave it to me to lick. I again took in his mouth slightly fallen member, and licked all the more isolation that it remained.
When you have finished with it, I looked up and saw his lover's eyes, they shone with happiness!
Olezhka lifted me off the floor and kissed me passionately.
- It was great Anya, it was the best blowjob in my life - he said.
He put his arm around my waist and we took their views to our viewers.
- That was awesome! - Said Anton.
- Anya! We, too, so we want - supported his Igor.
- I am a girl Oleg, if he would allow, I will gladly suck - I said coyly.
Guys pleadingly looked at Oleg.
- Only in the case of Anya, if you promise that this evening you're still my otsosesh - Oleg replied.
- I'll make you a blowjob as often as you wish to do so - I promised him.
No sooner had the end in this dialogue, as Anton was standing next to me with sticking out of his pants member and Igor took me by the hips slightly pushed implying that the time for me to get down on my knees and do not waste time on empty talk. And here, again in front of my eyes the man's penis, or rather for two. We'll have to work hard today, I thought, and took in each hand member. First I started to suck Anton podrachivaya member Igor, then they switched roles. I was very pleased to do blowjob to two men, especially realizing that kakihto 40 minutes ago, I was the same man they and we played together in the pool. I sucked briskly, trying to swallow deeply member, caressed their heads, licking balls and sucking again. How long it lasted I do not know, but it's time to climax. Anton little removed my head from his penis, threw it back, and they, along with Igorem began to masturbate vigorously over my face.
The first finished in my mouth, Igor, he had more sperm than those of Oleg, so I did not have time to swallow it, the more that Anton also did not wait and that's warm sperm hit me in the face, once in the eyes and nose, and only slightly in her mouth. The boys were breathing heavily, I semen through the veil in the eyes of their members tried to find more to suck, when I was presented with a pleasant surprise. I was approached by Oleg and podrachivaya his cock as he poured me a sperm fountain.
I was in seventh heaven, the three men had just poured me your wealth!
I carefully collected the fingers rest on my face cum, licked it and licked the members take turns all three of my lovers.
All were very pleased.
When my emotions a little subsided, I looked around the room and saw that the girls in it.
- I called them a taxi and sent home - guessing my dumb question, Oleg said.
- You are three of us liked Anya, this party, we will continue the four of us.
- Great - I said - I hope you boys did not disappoint me, because I really insatiable girl, and to quench my thirst I need a lot more of your sperm, which I had just - smiling and I went to the couch.
(Dear readers, this is my first story, do not judge strictly, and better write to my mail - discuss the identified deficiencies).

Weekend is coming soon. Luda, as always called and rock at the end of the week, she is alone at home, and that I should come to her. I was happy. This weekend I will spend with his girlfriend.
Friday evening, I was in the city of my mistress. I have come to the store and bought wine, and went to Lyudmila.
I called at the door. Lyudka fairly quickly came and opened the door, smiling, she told me to come in, and that dinner is on the table. She was in a dressing gown, barefoot and very erotic. We sat at the table drank wine, ate, Lyudka told about himself, about family, work. Soon she was lying on the table, and I was in it. Luda sweetly moaning, and I enjoyed the warmth of her womb. In the kitchen, we fucked for a long time did not, I put it in her sperm, and we continued to eat. Luda cooked a lot of delicious food, we barely ate it all and fed moved into the bedroom, all that we were able to at the moment is to lie and enjoy our bodies. We fell asleep. During the night we fucked only once.
The next morning Lyudka shook me and said she wanted to shit, lately she took me to the bathroom with him and after she defecated, I licked her. But this time I was waiting for more. Luda said: "I want to poop on you." I loved and was devoted to, my lady. I immediately agreed. Lyudka ran into the hall, sent out on the floor oilcloth, threw her a towel and told me to lay there. I quickly and obediently lay down on a towel. Luda sat home-based so that her ass was on my head level. I opened my mouth and waited. Lyudmila natuzhilas, and I noticed that it expands the anus. After a moment, she appeared brown shit, it slowly floated from Lyudka. The woman looked at it, I'll catch her mouth stool. The first piece of shit was hard, thick, length of about eight - ten centimeters. She crept slowly, then pulled away and flew straight into my mouth. It was a warm brown mass with an unpleasant odor and bitter taste. I lay on the floor, under the Person of the booty.
My mouth was a turd. But folk continued to sit, and then there was the next piece of shit. This time it isparazhneniya become more liquid. She quickly splashed all over my face. I had my mouth shut-off shit. I lay there and did not move. After the last pieces fell on my face, I felt like my chest splashed urine. Luda took a jet from the chest to the face. It is well urinated on, shit on. I lay there with my mouth open, which slowly melted shit, and melted, flowed into my throat. Urine further liquefy Person of shit. Luda said: "Now chew" I started wiggling jaws. I felt like shit spreads on lips, my mouth full of this stuff, but it was disgusting to swallow, but I took the first sip, then another and another, shit and urine was part of me. I chewed and swallowed. Hands holding something that on the face and pushing poop in his mouth. Luda was staring at me and laughing. Then she saz so I went and washed, and licked her ass.
I stood up, his hands holding the shit on his face went to the toilet, spit out what was in his mouth, wiped off the face of shit, I threw up, piece of shit with my gastric juices and food lying on the bottom of the toilet, washed and went to the bathroom. There I washed and rinsed his mouth. He came into the hall. In the middle lay a mat, on which were the remains of shit and urine. Luda put her hands on the couch and put down me your ass. I stood behind her on her knees and began to lick her carefully. The brown substance turned back in my mouth it was not so disgusting and a little piece of shit is easy to swallow. What was dissolved in saliva going down very easily to me, it brought udavolstvie. Once the anus become clear, I started licking the vagina. Luda humidified, moaned, and soon I wielded it as a member. I finished pretty quickly, but Luda did not let me go. We have long merged bodies, changing his position, after a time, I put it in Lyudka more sperm.
But she did not stop. Orgasm is reached after ten minutes. I was sweating and exhausted. I gathered a towel and held it to the bathroom. Turned oilcloth, he has brought to the toilet and emptied, washed and went to the kitchen for breakfast.
This weekend Lyudmila put me uric diet. Before the meal I was waiting for her with a glass of urine, and as long as I did not dry up, the food did not put me Luda. Her urine was light yellow in color, with a persistent smell of brackish. All proposed cups were drunk to the dregs.
All Saturday we spent in bed. Luda got up from it only when it was cooking. In the toilet she walked into me. When she wanted to write. I lay on my back, she sat on top, and slowly, get down urine into my mouth. I drank all her moisture, then carefully licked her pussy. Past my mouth did not fall a single drop. So that her bed was neat. After that, we had sex.
It's Sunday. I do not hurry, going to leave because my husband will come back in the evening the woman. Going into the bath, I saw the towel lying on the floor. It was in the urine and shit Lyudmila, I carefully folded and put in your bag. It was my new cores, which got me by Lyudka.
In the corridor I wore shoes, Luda hugged me. It was only in the lung, unbuttoned robe. Climbing up, I saw her body and my cock swollen. Luda is noticed. Left-handed folk hugged my neck, right unzipped his pants. My cock was in her hand, in a moment I drove my hero in it. I pressed her against the wall, my pants were lowered just below the knee, her legs were in the lock behind me. A couple of moments and we both finished. Luda got off me, smelled bathrobe. I pulled his pants. We kissed, and I left.

- Dim, hello - I heard the voice on the phone Stepanovich and now just Pasha.
- Hey.
- Dim, I have prepared a surprise to you here, my gathered to you for money for an apartment, and then I broke some group sex, can take Aunt Lida themselves?
- Okay, right now I otproshus to work, so let him come. At about eleven.
- And there is that you?
- A couple of guys want me in a passive role, so it'll stay today obedient bunny.
- Well, - I laughed - only next time will be my obedient bunny.
- Made in the best possible way, you know.
- Okay, let her aunt.
- All whole while.
The call sounded exactly odinnadtsat.Ya was ready for the meeting.
I met Aunt Lida wife in a bathrobe, short and sexy.
- Come, aunts Lida.
- Hello, Dim, I have the money.
- I know. Come on.
- Yes I am for a moment.
- Oh, okay, go, such heat on the street, at least under cool air conditioning.
- Well, Stepanych also have to put a few days ago, I have already agreed.
- I set myself yesterday, is now cool.
Aunt Lida came to the skirt, flip-flops and a white T-shirt that stretched across her slender figure and large breasts.
- Wow, how cool look, appetizing.
- Come on.
- No, really, you would not be married, I would ... uh, - I began to stump Auntie.
I brought into the room and offered holdnoe beer Lida.
- It's easy - I suggested tempting guest beer.
- Well, pour, - she said.
Lida got out my eyes when I walked in front of her in a short robe.
- Oh, I'm sorry, just out of the bathroom, I forgot.
- Come on, do not be sorry, it happens.
- I've been a candle in front of you all the places inconvenient.
- Well, I'm a woman in front of me no one places never shone, and now even see.
- Yes what there to look - and I opened the robe.
Lida did not bother.
- Come kobelek, probably you want to fuck? Aunt Lida also wants.
"Ec, turned"-Think I'm talking about myself.
- Aunt Lida probably hungry for a young body?
- Hungry.
- And Aunt Lida is ready to do to her body raped?
- Everything - it was clear that Lida is now boils.
- Well then, take off your clothes, you just want to fucked.
- Home I like.
And Lida began to undress in front of me.
"Pretty body and Stepanych does not, that's a bitch"- I thought. Lida looked really good.
Clean smooth leather, very well appointed. Lida stood in bra and panties.
- Bra shoot itself, and I will remove her panties.
Lida obeyed.
Two large breast with big brown nipples were freed from the shackles of bra cups.
- Cool you milking, Lida.
I went to Lida, and put his hand into her panties.
- You techesh all, you want me?
- And you and your dick.
One jerk I tore Lida G-string panties, and they flew as a constructor.
- Oh, how I am now ...
- Nothing, you're not naked, ventilate the crotch.
- Good.
Loboc Lida was overgrown with thick vegetation and it is very much excited me. So tired of girls with bare pussy, I wanted something of a natural.
- Beautiful pisechka not shave her again, so very sexy.
- Well - Lida simply melted away in front of me.
- drink beer, lie down on the couch and spread your legs.
Lida obeyed.
Pussy was very clean and fragrant. Dense thickets of hair covered only part of the pubic and all around the vagina was carefully shaved.
I eagerly pressed his lips to vlagalishu Lida, fingers spread labia and clitoris stared at.
Lida exploded groan.
- Oh-oh-oh, my boy, how good you are to me sons availest ...
- What a difference now, - I replied.
- Similarly, lick.
- You are what my lady - and I continued to lick Lida between the legs.
Lida shuddered several times and now it was shaking in orgasm.
- Do not stop, my son - asked Lida.
- Call me by my name, bitch.
- Well, Dima, how can you say. - And now you go home.
- No, not that, I'm sorry.
- That's right.
It was very tasty and flavorful mature woman, I licked her for very long and it is constantly shaking orgasms.
She does not mince words and dirty swearing.
She became cancer lifted up her legs like a gymnast and asked to lick her neperestavaya.
- I was so long ago, no one licked, I'm so bored ...
This was evident. Well, how could so to scoff at the woman, the more so beautiful.
My cock swelled like a ball of swirling dogs magicians and now he craved the flesh.
- Let's, Lida, enough kayfovat now Try for me. Lick-me a anus, slut.
Lida obediently rolled over and I became a cancer on the floor, and Lida settled down from behind and began to lick my anus. She did it carefully and even tried to get into my finger, but I pushed her away and told me to suck.
- A Stepanych likes his finger in the ass.
- But I do not love. It is better to suck me, I look like you, when you tough?
- Yes. Stepanych soft, so much from me, do not. I want to wake the beast in him. But while it is impossible.
"But it is with the men in bed and the beast and the bunny"- I thought.
- Okay, do not relax, suck, deeper and better.
I stood in front of Lida and put it in his mouth his cock, took her by the hair and with all his strength to put its root.
Tears streamed from her eyes.
- Why so deep, I do not know how.
- Learn.
And Lida began to try.
"The peasant cock like a jackhammer, and in the mouth can not normally take, learn".
Lida cried, but sucked. As a result, it has become far to take in the throat and I realized that she felt better. She sucked like a slut, swallowing lubricant sochivshuyusya with the head of my cock, mixed with with his saliva, which filled and her mouth.
- Good for you, slut, Lidka, become cancer. Lida became obedient.
I put her in the vagina and began to move quickly. She screamed like a pig and I was wild plants. A stop for some reason, did not want to. After ten minutes of hard fucking doggy style, I put a wet finger in the ass Lida.
- Now let's see how we here things.
- Pristine situation.
- What are you, virgin. Neebanaya never in my ass?
- Well, fuck, fuck you waiting for, Jam.
- Right now you are my bitch snipped off - and I relentlessly drove his weapon in the ass - that bitch, put up or really does not hurt?
- Fucking!
- That's the correct answer.
And I began to drive the member in Lida back on the very root.
For a long time I fucked her. And when he began to come to an end, made from Lida to face, so that I could finish it in his mouth. Lida has become before me, and I began to lower her mouth. I have done this a long time. I've had flowed and flowed. And Lida dutifully stood with his mouth open and typed in my mouth all I splashed her. Vse.Finish. We lie on the floor.
- You're just a young man. What would I do without you, Dima. Can I still shall come sometime?
- Come, Lida.
We have lain down as forty minutes.
And in my head I imagined how Stepanych petrushat muzhiki.Dumayu already released, so you can
Lida go. Fifteen minutes later Lida began to gather.
- Aunts Lead! I'm sorry if something's wrong. You never know what I'm in a rush could say or do - a sense of guilt never left menya.Zhenschina older I gozhus her sons.
- Dim, and you that, everything was great. I'll tell you more, no longer need to pay for an apartment, you compensate me a lot today, nor any money is not enough.
"Again, twenty-five"- I thought.
- Well, aunts Lida.
- What I told you, damn, Aunt Lida I am now your Lidka, slut, sosushka, ass dayushka, - Lida laughed, smacking my lips, she slipped out the door.
I wanted sex again. Something I did not have ...! Well, okay, I'll go have a smoke in the stairwell ...
On the staircase was the same Vova-taxi driver.
"That prodolzhenie.Vezet"
- ...Hi, I'm - Dima.Vy be Vova?
The man waved his head.
- Stepanych greetings conveyed.
- A-ah, Stepanych? Thank you. You're the same Dima? He said Stepanovich.
- Warned?
- Yes.
- So what?
- Houses there anybody out there?
- Nope.
- Come on.
Vova threw a cigarette butt on the floor and went after me. I continued to smoke.
In the hallway, I pulled the shorts and put his cock Vova.
- All right.
Vova knelt in front of me.
- Wait, undress.
Vova took a T-shirt, sweat pants.
- Briefs shoot too.
Vova obeyed.
Member, he had a small, all overgrown with thick black hair with a rare sedinoy.Vykativshayasya head was pretty big.
- Cool penis you Vova. The very small, and the head is serious.
- The nature has bestowed.
I leaned on the door and prodozhil smoking, and Vova got down to business.
Sucking it skillfully. Sucks like a vacuum, tried his best.
- Well suck.
- Yeah, - growled the man.
I suck it for a long time enjoying every second of their work.
I finished it in his mouth. The dose was small.
- Heifers had not had enough? Smells like a woman member.
- Yes, it was.
- Well, if you come in, always happy to help friends.
- Can you make nice?
- I do not suck at this delam.Ya for fun and more I do not need. You have fun with Stepanitch.
- Well, you, too, will be unbearable if, treat, always happy to help a good man.
- I'm on the line every ready to help, with a chuckle -odevayas said Vova - I have to taxi customers constant, only with them and go. Tarifa no, but pay five times as much, so it's profitable. The usual taxi driver and is suffering, and I took her to the place, minetik done and ready. Instead, nearly three hundred rubles poltorushku issue. Two trips, two suction and home. Sometimes people are so mouth gouging of the day, that is difficult to speak. I have a couple of giants. And only to me. But the truth is those huge pisyun those more leaf, well done, realize that hard I work. That's how we live.
- And you're not afraid. Suddenly infect anything.
- No, all people are decent, permanent accommodation, therefore guarantee that everything is in order. I have fun, and a pleasure to order. All is calm. Some book to come, and his mouth still smelled of sperm of another client or even gather type in your mouth and make a person well. I do not care, but their rushing, the whole term in a foreign sperm in the mouth and the guy. And then there are father and son. I suck him in turn. First one, then another.
- Yes, sometimes.
- It happens. Okay, I'll go, and then the wife will volnovtsya.
- Come on, Voves. Nice to meet you.
- Me too.
-Hello, Pasch, that you are there, done?
- Hey, yeah, thank you. How is Lida?
- Yes, good. At a minimum the past. Let's just do not want - I did not say Stepanych that his wife is a rare horse, wild and passionate, let visits me often.
- It's like her.
- Well, what did you do?
- Normal passed. Fuck me. Caulked on both sides. Full sperm ass.
- So go selling.
- Will not help.
- Well, come, I'm clearing.
Stepanovich thought for five seconds.
- Okay, now I will.
- Waiting.
Fifteen minutes and Stepanovich jumped.
- Phew, it -Start with the threshold - it was tough guys with two such cock almost broke.
- Come on, I'll do an enema, to fuck you now can no longer be navernoe.Snimay pants.
I sat in a chair, but Stepanovich came to me and became a cancer.
- Anu, you look like there?
I took off my pants and with Stepanych parted buttocks.
- Pash, you assholes of vaginas! e I did, and all is turned on full and burns like a monkey.
- Not surprising.
- Damn, you've got all the points in the semen. Techet.Budem act gently.
My wife is a doctor, so I pulled on rubber gloves, took a special gel and sent Pasha to the bathroom.
Forcing a cool gel on your fingers in a glove I slowly shoved all in Stepanych ass.
- Oh, how good holodnenkoe.
- Holodnenky only just melts like a skillet. You do not back, and the volcano.
Later ass Pasha stopped whining, and I made him an easy one pear enema.
Stepanych not much tuzhilsya that did not hurt.
- Okay, not Noah, no blood, and the next time will choose the members of a smaller one.
- You're right.
- Look how many of you all.
From Stepanych leaking sperm.
- Yes, they poured into me a little. The men were terribly hungry.
- Now poryadok.Kstati with Vovan met today.
- I called you on it.
- He said.
- Well, he to you?
- As the vacuum pump.
- It is. The ass does not and did not have the men, and the protein loves, this does not take away.
So we talked for an hour and a sobering Stepanovich walked backwards to his wife home.

For a start I will say that it is written, from the fact that these little stories. I wanted to coerce (inspire) other people who like such stories, write, and share them with those who are like stories. It turned out something like a horror film with elements of sex and violence. Writer of me is not important, so I apologize for that.
My wife and I were walking down the street and all counter guys just devoured her eyes. She was wearing a short skirt, white blouse transparent (through which shone a lacy bra-fitting her tits fifth the size), on her slender legs in pantyhose skin color, were high-heeled shoes. on the way we went to the store. It was quite large and we have for some time lost sight of each other. I went to look for her, but when he found near it stood two guys. They chatted with her cute do not forget to throw lustful looks at her charms. Not to say that I do not like it, quite the contrary. My wife and I together for a long time, and the theme of betrayal in our sexual fantasies excites me how well it. Therefore, when they began to paw her. That one will hold his hand over her thigh tightened into a thin nylon, another grab for the boob. I'm in no hurry to stop it. Yes, and my wife liked it. I stood up so he would not have been seen me, but to see what happens.
His wife laughed and strongly resisted harassed by guys, but as you can see just a game bored him. One said something to her and her face showed concern and she began to look around in search of me. I'm in no hurry to leave. I opened situation. I do not believe that can happen that can hurt his wife. Suddenly, one gagged her and the other took her by the legs and they dragged her to the door next few noticeable. To slip in behind them I saw an empty room. In it there was nothing except a strange container. Meanwhile, the boys began to undress his wife. On the floor and flew her blouse and skirt. She stood in front of them in the same shoes, pantyhose and a bra. Panties on it was not. She began to resist, then one grabbed her tits and squeezed so that she screamed. The two enjoyed her resignation and squeezed my wife's gorgeous body. Suddenly out of the container there was a heart-rending groan and rattle.
The boys exchanged glances fearfully flinched and quickly dragged it to the container. When approaching the two holes opened in the container. Inside was what the stir. They pushed her to him and pressed, so that the breasts in her bra appeared in these holes. Suddenly broke bra and sucked inside. She cried and cried, huddled on the container. Guys fearfully retreated and left. And I was unable to move and unable to believe that everything is really going on. I went over and tried to help her, but as soon as I was able to pull her silent, saw how her breasts at the base of the tentacles, and they wound tightened. And the more I pulled the more it tightened the tentacles. And the more he and screaming. I had to let her go. She was immediately pinned back. While I was thinking how can I help her she screamed louder. This time I managed to pull it easier but what I saw shocked me.
Each breast leeched on what the translucent appendages extending into the container. They suck in her boobs napolzaya on them and pulling them. My wife tried to take one, but as soon as she touched him, they began to move and started to pull the tits in different directions, like dogs when they want to snatch something from the hand. They pulled his wife out of my hands and her back pressed to the container. The bottom of the container was opened another hole and emerged from it a thick tentacle and throwing his leg poked her in the crotch veiled by a thin nylon. Suddenly it opened and I saw the teeth inside. It has torn tights and abruptly stuck in the crotch. I tried to pull it out but to no avail. The wife was screaming the whole time and begged her to help. Picture crazy: wife standing in the same tights and shoes, tits stuck in a container in which a monster is tormented and maybe eats. But I have all this aroused the extreme. And pulled out a member, I stuck it in the hole pantyhose and began to drive them. I finished, it immediately Bay sperm.
Then his wife twitched, as if moved over her tits. A tentacle in her crotch was a shudder of perineal poured something viscous green. Shudder last, it finds itself locked back into the container. His wife suddenly fell to my hands after losing consciousness. It let go of her. I looked at her tits and stunned. On the fifth the size they had risen to ninth and was to some goo ... (to be continued)

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